Monday, March 2, 2015

Dispatches from the front.

sorry i couldnt stand posting one more photo of snow

So another snow emergency tonight. The county guys have been extra extra diligent this year clearing snow from the road and just about everyday i am plowed back in. Not sure what their aim is maybe to make my country road a 4 lane highway pretty soon they will be plowing the farmers field for him. So anyway I leave work go to the grocery store come home and instead of busting through the drift that blocks my drive for some unknown reason I hesitate yup hesitate. And guess what I get hung up so bad my car is basically teetering on top of a large hunk of snow. But since I haven't really eaten today and after my long commute and too much water at work I seriously have to pee. So I make a few attempts to free my car but after awhile after many swears and even one very juvenile burst of tears I grab my groceries walk up the long drive and go inside to make dinner.

Being the procrastinator that i am I of course said well we will deal with this in the morning cooked and ate my dinner and than got into bed with the pups and the tv. About 10 at night i see a flash light bounce around the drive and I said to myself oh now this isn't going to go away tonight is it.? I make Tommy answer the door since once again I was in my underwear. And yes it is one of the county sheriffs worried that my car is just sticking out on the road just enough to get hit by a plow. So I once again hustle on a pair of pants and by sturdy boots even manage to put a bra on (why I don't know why maybe because it was the law knocking?) and go out to help the officer get my car out. Now I don't do rescuing well i would actually rather chew my arm off but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

So we try and dig it out and I hop in the car and do the old back and forth but to no effect whats so ever. So he tells (no I didn't ask his name bad human bad) if I can find a board or something and I think of just the thing in the house and go back up the drive to get it. So he manages to get the board under one of the back tires but still no effect the car is totally hung up under the carriage. At this point I am starting to feel really guilty about wasting his time I try and tell jokes but they aren't going over well.  Funny thing not one person drives by the house during this whole thing well not until good Samaritan name unknown (okay once again bad human) stops to help. He assesses the situation and starts digging. Now I am not one of those people who let the men just take care of it while i stand idly by.

By this point I am getting desperate I can tell they are just about to flee the situation and tell me to call triple A in the morning so I say give me to shovel and I belly flop down on the snow and inch my way under the car to get the snow out. I say I think i have it lets try again so the sheriff dude takes the wheel and me and good Samaritan start pushing and out she pops once again to the cheers of the crowd (okay that was only in my head).

So another snow escapade in a very long long season of snow and cold. Spring has got to come right? Might just take a few months to melt the snow though.

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