Saturday, February 28, 2015

There is a river under there and other notes from the tundra.

I took the picture yesterday morning on my way to work. If you can believe it beyond those trees is the Hudson River. Yes folks there is a river under there. Amazing right? A harsh beauty to be sure you just have to remind yourself that there is life under all that. Another chilly morning out here by the river. Must have been -8 or so when I woke up today and you can always tell when its cold when the dogs do NOT linger over their business. Needless to say its been a long winter but the days are getting longer and the sun feels stronger more permanent the light just a bit brighter. I keep looking at the extended forecast to see a break in the weather and then you think you see it a day above freezing a night not one the likes seen only in Siberia and then poof you get to that day and its negative 8 at night and 19 degrees during the day. I just went out to give the chickens fresh unfrozen water and man its cold out there. So I did what any sensible person would do I made another cup of coffee and got back into bed with the pups. I am only human right?

Struggling to think of things to write about besides its cold, I'm cold, its still cold. Have I mentioned its cold? Boring!  Spring spring spring spring wait its still cold cold cold cold. But its got to come right? This isn't one of those fantasy novels when evil has spread across the land and the harvests fail and spring never comes again until the young hero breaks the evil spell and everything is right again is it? Maybe its a plot by the mysterious man that must be in my driveway now as I type because Booker is barking his head off and growling but I am not going to fall for it I am not. I am not getting up to look to see whats out there because I KNOW there is nothing. Even Lulu is looking and doesn't look upset so I am going to ignore him. Probably a freaking bird. Not that I can blame the poor pup he must have a serious case of cabin fever I mean how many naps can you take in a day. Don't answer that the answer is lots.

I have started to plan a small garden for this year. I have no idea when we are going to move but I am going to grow food anyway whats the worse thing that happens someone buys the house and gets a great veggie garden too? Growing food for me its really all about the process and not the end result so if that happens I am okay with it. I wasn't going to garden at all everything is just too up in the air but a friend at work told me that I was being silly. She said it obviously makes you very happy growing food so do it you are lucky enough to have something you enjoy doing so much so go do it. Wise words. So I worked up my master plan yesterday how big (24'x36') what I wanted to grow and then got down to the brass tacks of how many of each when to start the seeds when to transplant and all that good stuff. So now we only really need spring to come and we can get started. Now that I think about it I have to start a tray of spinach today. Let the games begin! Stay warm everyone springs coming I can feel it.

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