Sunday, February 1, 2015

tomate-toe tohmahtoo and a world of possibilities

The view that needs replacing. wont be easy.

I feel myself changing starting towards a new direction and maybe they are right everything happens for a reason. Maybe I have just delayed getting going selling this house until i know where I am headed. The world even the small one around me offers just too many possibilities too many paths to choose. This town that town, in town or the country, to farm or not to farm, to be traditional to step outside the box. So I have been babbling about moving and finding my forever home for almost a year and to be honest we aren't much farther than when we started a few things have been done but not many I really thought we would have been moved by now. But maybe my delay will be a good thing maybe its what I need to ensure the path we end up is the right path for us.

So now for an explanation of the title of this little piece. See I grew up in Greenwich CT and its pronounced grenitch (locked jaw and all that) and the town I am seriously thinking of moving too is Greenwich NY but unfortunately for me they pronounce it greenwitch. Am i destined to move to a town where i will surely mispronounce the name and they take how it is said over there pretty damn seriously let me tell you. You get some really odd looks if you say grenitch. Makes me want to say well we say it like they say it in England but I don't think that will help matters much. I guess I will have to practice and maybe employ a speech therapist wouldn't be the first time, I had one when i was a kid and i still have problems with things that end in "LF" like wolf tends to come out more like wooff.

And to set the record straight I don't just check out a prospective town I freaking stalk it. Yup stalk it. If you live in a town I am thinking about moving to you most likely will see me at the supermarket the local stewarts the wine store the local chinese restaurant tractor supply and the list goes on oh I don't forget pizza you will see me getting pizza too cant possibly live some where with sucky pizza. And I just wont visit once nope I will stop by on my way home from work I will find a reason to visit to maybe catch the town in a lie it cant be that perfect so maybe if I can catch them all unaware I will see whats really going on. Okay no of course not thankfully I am not that paranoid my mind just took a bizarre turn there. Girl stalks town to make sure its right for her catches it unaware one night and town is actually full of zombies. Back on track fingers back on track.

Okay now back to the title again I have explained the whole pronunciation thing now what about the rest? When I first contemplated moving I knew I wanted a farm with an old farmhouse and lots of land. Well unfortunately for me there are none. Or at least that I can afford.  So now I had to broaden my view and say okay only the land is really important as long as there is enough and the view is good I can make the house be what ever i want with a little cash and sweat. So this was my path for awhile until there were none of those left either....So now I switch gears again to just land and hell I will just build a house. Now this opens up limitless possibilities what kind of house big small what style traditional or modern and so on and so on. Now to muddy the waters even further I start watching tiny house nation on monday nights and now my mind is opened up to the tiny house possibility! Why build such a big house and get in debt. One of the reasons for selling this old beauty of ours is to hopefully get out of debt as much as possible. So instead of building big what do we really need how much space do you really need to be happy? Big questions indeed. But guess what now I cant find any land either! But hopefully the low inventory is due to it being the middle of and endlessly cold winter and once spring comes more listings will appear.

Almost reminds me of the books we had when I was little that have different ending depending on a series of choices you made.  Choices choices choices! Stay warm my friends.

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