Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cabin fever and the mysterious man

Not sure about whats going on at your house but at my house a major case of cabin fever has settled in for the duration. Especially effecting the two dogs. Booker and Lulu swing between taking naps and searching for the mysterious stranger that stalks our house. Now you will have to take their word for it because I for one have never yet seen the mysterious stranger. I look for him often every time the dogs start barking at what i think is nothing. I say to myself hey give them a break maybe there is a mysterious stranger lurking outside behind that tree wearing a black cap and a fedora maybe just maybe? So I get up (again) and look and guess what at least to my eyes NOTHING not even a bird braving the cold. But I try to see it their way scores and scores of dodgy people wearing capes surrounded the house getting closer with every step diligence needed with every bark.

They are currently in nap phase. I will keep you updated.

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