Saturday, February 14, 2015

Food is love even when its meatloaf and a welcome shot of color.

old bishop been gone a few years now but oh how I loved him he had a joie de vivre like no other

Happy Valentines Day everyone. The hubster wanted to send me flowers so I could compete in the annual flower competition at work but I said no no I would rather spend the cash on fixings for a nice valentines day dinner. I guess that's what makes me happiest is cooking for the people I love. Tomorrow is my Dads bday and we will go into Saratoga tomorrow night to cook dinner for him. That's what I give people since I usually am light on cash and to be frank when you get to be older what on earth do you really need. So earlier in the week I told my Dad to think about what he would want for dinner anything he wanted the sky's the limit.

To my mothers chagrin (total eye roll) he chose meatloaf. Now I make a fine dandy meatloaf and in the winter I make one at least once a month but now my challenge is how to make a meatloaf worthy of a birthday dinner. Hmmm time to consult the cookbooks.  But it is actually a good choice there is some nasty weather coming in and meatloaf and mashed potatoes sound just perfect for such a blustery Sunday night. Its snowing as a type and I am watching the birds eat the bird seed I tossed on the driveway (yes too cheap to buy a feeder) earlier I love watching them fly in and out as I sit cuddled up watching cooking shows with the dogs. There are two great big fat cardinals out there what a welcome shot of color on such a day.

Now back to tonight to celebrate valentines day we went to the fancy market to get some fixings for drum roll....smoked salmon on baguette with red onions lemon and caper followed by shrimp scampi over linguine then okay major drum roll please molten lava chocolate cakes with vanilla ice cream. See who needs a dozen roses when you can use the money to make food. Food is love. Well at least it is to me. I remember the first romantic dinner I ever cooked. I must have been 15 or so and my boyfriend Gary was going to college all the way in Arizona and my parents were cool enough (seriously cool) to let me cook him dinner at the house while they went out for dinner with friends. Don't remember all the details but I remember taking a melon baller to potatoes and making a super cute small round potato saute probably with a steak or something and maybe chocolate mousse for dessert. Followed (stop reading mom grandma and anyone else who might be shocked) with having sex everywhere in the house we could think of.  Good times damn straight.

Okay so obviously food as always meant a ton to me its one of my major creative outlets so making dinner tonight is how I express my love and also I am sorry I just really love to cook. Tommy is always saying no no take a break get take out and I cant convince him that I just really love to cook. I love the planning involved trying to figure out a whole menu that makes sense and of course the shopping I love grocery shopping I always have and of course turning some music on pouring a healthy glass of wine and getting the stove cracking.

Happy V day people go cook something for someone you love or hell cook a great meal for yourself and have a glass or two of wine.

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