Wednesday, November 20, 2013

No one is more different than myself than me the "d" personality and who are we all really?

Funny thing about life when you think of the personas you adapt for different situations. I guess we all do it become different versions of ourselves for different situations. True story at work (xyx paper mill) a few years back they had us take a personality test and one woman who i adore who is a total kick ass take no prisoners get it done don't waste my time kind of lady but in a nice way took the test and did not come out with the "d" personality traits which she totally embodies. (If memory serves me correct a D personality likes to get the job done fast doesn't have a lot of time for small talk isn't going to ask too many personal question etc isn't rude but not warm and fuzzy).

We were all frankly stunned so I asked her were you thinking about work when you took that test or home? It occurred to be that maybe she displayed these traits at work because it was the only way to survive to get the work done but at home it wasn't necessary for her. I still tease her about it to this day. I mean seriously Roxanne is d is every sense of the word I mean people don't mess with her they are pretty much scared of her but she gets a massive amount of respect because frankly she rocks.  A customer even told Roxanne once that the day she was talking to her was the anniversary of her getting abducted my aliens and Roxanne didn't raise to the bait and probably said something well what can I do for you today. Now that is a woman after my own heart. I love that story. 

Now at work I am a D too i don't like a lot of rules I like to take the least amount of steps to get a job done. I don't like to ask questions I just like to find answers quickly and move on to the next thing and no I am not averse to making it up if I have too. Like Roxanne I don't think I am like this in my personal life I think its a persona i have adopted to get my job done. If you know me you might disagree but i think of myself of kind of shy a total rule follower I wear my seat belt and drive the speed limit (except on 87 you just cant if you want to survive) I don't like to step on toes and will go out of my way to not hurt any one's feelings. That's a huge thing with me to not hurt peoples feelings or make them feel awkward I hate that and I hate to bother anyone. Funny how we turn on different parts of ourselves for different situations but there are probably some elements of ourselves that we have no matter what. Maybe the ones we have no matter what are the core things that make us who we are. The things people love about us. 

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