Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tom the turkey and can you say micro-managing?

Tuesday....So my work (for security reason I will call it XYZ Paper Mills) has been nice enough to give the entire company a turkey for thanksgiving. Some years its a ham for xmas and sometimes its a turkey for thanksgiving. So a truck pulls into the parking lot near the mill and 5 or 6 department heads stand around awkwardly handing out turkeys and shaking hands. Now there is a large window of opportunity to  pick up said turkey but because my department is mental we were actually sent a schedule to make sure not more of two of us go at the same time. Yes seriously folks a schedule. Here is a copy so you know I am not making this up.

Here is the schedule to pick up our Turkey’s.
Dee 7:30 AM
Rebecca and Mary 3:00 PM
Becky and Chris  3:15 PM
Stacey and Rich 3:30 PM
Barbara and Sean 3:45 PM
Michelle and Marina 4:00 PM
Elizabeth and Beth 4:15 PM
All this to avoid us getting up en masse and walking out the door to get our turkeys. Now wouldn't it be common sense for everyone NOT to get up at once and leave the department un-manned. Doesn't this pretty much go without saying? Are you kidding me. But yes folks that's life at XYZ Paper Mills. I couldn't make this stuff of if I tried.  If you have ever seen the movie Office Space there are many many many parallels between that fictional company and the company I work for. 

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